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Through the help of our amazing partners, we work to better communities across the globe.


Intergenerational Program Partner 

Join our global community effort to provide education and an established channel for activist programs.  

Everyday Hero Project and Greenpeace have partnered in St. Petersburg holding events and programming since 2015.  

Intergenerational Event History

Jammin for the Planet

Prom for the Planet 

Kayaking and Activation Camping Retreat in Goethe Forest


Tampa Bay Watch

Operation Float Partner

Tampa Bay Watch is committed to helping fellow Floridians who were affected by Hurricane Irma and are still struggling to recover. We have partnered with Tampa Bay Watch and Operation Float, who are coordinating relief efforts in Naples and the Everglades, and will continue providing relief where there is a need.


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St pete time Bank

Partnering with the Everyday Hero Project in July, 2016, the St. Pete Time Bank serves the local community of St. Petersburg as a modern time bank, helping its members exchange both goods and services without the use of money. Following the modern timebanking movement founded by Edgar Cahn at Timebanks USA, we strongly believe that everyone is an asset and has something to give. Members are encouraged to share their skills, talents and things they love to do with other members, and have their needs met through the exchange process thereby creating a strong community with reciprocity at its core.

We redefine work by paying pay time credits for things that money doesn’t pay for, like building strong families, revitalizing neighborhoods, making democracy work and advancing social justice.  Time credits are used to reward, recognize and honor the work of volunteers that make a difference in our community, creating a supplemental community of abundance.


mytribe movement

Anchored in LOVE AND INTEGRITY, here at MYTRIBE MOVEMENT we are driven by a single goal: TO EMPOWER OUR YOUTH. 


Our Youth are Valued, Inspired, Encouraged, Educated and Empowered by a whole community of leaders and mentors who guide and ​​​equip our future generation with the skills and tools needed to nourish their Mind, Bodies and Souls.


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