Since 2012, EHP has hosted various opportunities for the public to travel while providing humanitarian assistance. Over the years, we have hosted:

  • Two humanitarian trips to St. Michel, Haiti
    Volunteers from the United States cared for the children of D & C Children's life center, which EHP helped to get off the ground. The center now has 3 toilets, a septic tank, and an additional building due to our work and our networks. 

  • Two humanitarian trips to Standing Rock, North Dakota 
    Volunteers from the community to helped care for water protectors in Standing Rock. These efforts assisted in bringing medical donations from around the world, and lending assistance in literacy programs inside of the school session held in camp for the children.  

  • Two humanitarian trips to the Everglades, Florida
    Volunteers from the community ​came to help assist with medical donations and lend assistance to building a camp to bring awareness of possible pipelines in the Everglades. 


  • 3 Activate Tour Replenishment Camping Trips
    Everyday Hero Project is passionate about self care and feeding your inner hero. These camping trips were social and health wellness events which were family friendly and included art, yoga, and planetary education classes.  They also included opportunities for residents to soak in Florida Natural Springs and kayak/boat down some of our beautiful rivers. ​


  • 4 Activate Tours in Puerto Rico 
    We assisted Black Flag Search and Rescue with water distribution on Vieques, and food distribution in Quebradillas with the CDT Hospital and El Taino Restaurant.  We also travelled island wide distributing relief supplies, and hosting Community Upliftment events which brought supplies, love, haircuts, massages and music to small communities. 

What an incredible experience for our heroes who attend this prayerful collection of humanity from all over the world. We are honored to assist the global community with our presence, donations, and time.

If you know of any global communities in need of help and you are interested in leadership as a Community Co-Director, please set up an appointment today!

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