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To provide the following resources in coordination with community leaders for the needs of the underserved, underprivileged, and indigenous communities:

  • Access to indoor and outdoor spaces for workshops and meetings. 

  • Access to garden space for workshops and research. 

  • Assistance with raw materials for facilities used for community purposes

  • Providing educational material

  • Creating jobs for individuals in the community, by manufacturing sellable products

  • Help with agricultural needs, and food resources

  • Establishing relationships to help provide medical aid

  • Resources for clothing

  • Providing other resources and contacts with the global community to establish long term distribution relationships.

  • Assistance with building disaster prep and relief networks. 

  • Healthy, productive, and educational opportunities for families to spend time together. 





Our story started in 7th grade Hawaiian classrooms  in where the students transformed the face of their city with "Everyday Hero Projects"



Residents of Oahu transformed the face of their cities with their Everyday Hero Projects. Over the course of five years, EHP directly affects and involves over 12,000 community members passionate about making the islands a better place. 



EHP went on tour across the country, assisting nationwide non profits with volunteer hero power and researching organizations who had learned how to make it work



St. Michel, Haiti - 3 month immersion assessment which led to us hosting our first series of Voluntourism Activate Tours and meeting the needs of Haitian children



St. Petersburg, FL office opening - led to an explosion of resident proposed and led programs that continue to impact our community



Standing Rock, ND - 2 Activate Tours supported medical supply need and children's education programs for temporary residents standing for change.



EHP becomes involved in local/global disaster relief in Texas, Florida, the Carolinas, and Puerto Rico.  Collects and facilitates distribution of over 400,000 lbs of relief supplies.  


Two feature initiatives, Aloha Gardens and Aloha Kids launch virtual and community programs to address need due to CoVid 19. 


EHP returns to Hawaii Island to put 11 years worth of worldwide learning to use back in the state of its origin and prepares to launch its indoor and outdoor offices and spaces on the five acre agricultural lot we have secured in Pahoa, HI. EHP begins researching community needs. 


In January, EHP launches resident requested and resident led intergenerational, stewardship, nutritional food security, timebanking, and disaster prep/relief initiatives in East Hawaii with local everyday heroes. 


EHP officially launches the STEAM Team Center in Pahoa with a successful summer camp week. Check back regularly for community programming for our new STEAM Team Initiative!

EHP continues to help spread the Kokua Exchange Timebank across Hawaii Island, Maui, Lana'i, and Oahu, and hosts the first interisland timebank coordinator Activate Tour in the Hawaiian Islands, bringing volunteer power from one island to another. 


The Activate Network is an international group of community leaders and organizations who are committed to creating real-world solutions to urgent challenges. As you know there is an increasing number of natural disasters and unfortunately crimes against humanity, which result in communities needing urgent support to meet basic needs. We are a network of professionals and volunteers who are willing to share our resources and expertise to support the emerging needs of communities.


The Activate Network is creating a database of volunteers, organizations, and skilled professionals who are ready and willing to support with their time, energy, or resources.


This is a call to action. If you are an Everyday Hero in your community and you feel called to be part of our support network, we invite you to join us. Let us join forces, to rise together, and unite as a grassroots community.


Register as an Everyday Hero and invite other community leaders and professional to join this group Up Level Your Skills - we will be sharing videos and education programs to help you elevate your skills as a leader.


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