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Chess Training

 For beginners & intermediate players

In person / Online

The Chess mindset

A chess player is a decision maker, capable of magic from thought, he sees into the future, while others react on the spot. She plays chess with determination, like the check mate will change her life, and they all remembers the strategy to reach the goal twice. We all share common threads, interests and skills to name a few. We sweat together, get better together, with good decisions and follow through. We are trained and ready for anything, confident with our abilities, persistent and hungry for knowledge. Our appetite for victory and personal growth is what sets us apart. My past, present and future will always be dedicated to advance my chess mind on the board and in life. Integrity, courage, resilience, determination and dedication are all characteristics seen in champions. Like Kings and Queens that learn from the best, to be the best, we strive to be one of them. 

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Topics include:

  • Chess openings

  • Piece movement

  • Decision making 

  • Piece exchanges

  • Chess strategies

  • Chess lingo

  • Checkmates

Brain power

Students engage the brain in multiple ways:

  • Memorization 

  • Creativity

  • Proactive thinking

  • Decision making

  • Visualization

  • Stress management

Join us Today! 

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