Aloha Kids 

Our focus is on intergenerational programs with a community collaborative mindset to help our children to blossom. Help our young children to feel loved, supported, and cared for!


Because of people like you and me who care about the success of our children, our pilot program in 2018 helped contribute to 18 Voluntary PreK students scoring with a total of 71 out of 72 standard assessment categories 

at the Exceeds level! This was a first time accomplishment for our partner school since they opened in June of 1990!

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Need a little help with understanding your child's VPK Florida Standards? Check out this Curriculum Map!  You can print and fill in with your child's information! 




To address the community's needs during Co-Vid, our initiative launched 6 weeks of Virtual Learning for your 4-5 year old child!  Our series includes songs, sign language, spanish, yoga, reading, writing, and arithmetic!  

Click here to access Episodes #1 to #27!!