Aloha Gardens

Mission Statement:

To make healthy nutrition food accessible and affordable in the community through education and permaculture. 


Sustainable Nutrition for Families

Growing hope and nurturing solutions

The challenges that we face as a nation are piling up. Issues such as economic instability, access to fresh produce due to food deserts, food supply shortages, and the demands of every day life make it difficult for families to get the nutrition they need.


Our solution addressing these issues: make growing fresh produce accessible with education and outreach. 


Microgreens, a type of vegetable that takes between 7-10 days to harvest after planting. They are fast growing, economical when cultivated, nutritious,  and they grow well indoors when given enough sunlight and ventilation - even on a small countertop!


Community Outreach


Aloha Gardens received grant funding from St. Petersburg College in Florida to conduct a community service project for the annual MLK Day of Service award. The title of our project was called “The Learning Sprout”. With the funding, we provided on-site educational workshops in 2020 to approximately 300 St. Petersburg residents at numerous location throughout the city such as:

 ~ Midtown Miracles Martial Arts group ~ The Sunshine Center (Senior center)

~ Great Explorations Children’s Museum ~ Northeast Park Preschool ~ Harbor’s Edge (Senior housing)


Virtual Courses

Going the distance and connecting through technology


Thanks to the support of the St. Pete Timebank, we received funding in 2020 to launch our Virtual Learning Sprout workshop.  Participants tuned in via Zoom to receive education on how to grow sprouts with the help of their ready to go Microgreens Kits.


From the convenience of their homes, everyone was able to plant and grow microgreens! A cherry smoothie recipe with microgreens was made to top off the virtual class. Participants are always encouraged to get creative and add microgreens to their favorite recipes.


Call to Action

Support Our Cause

Your generous support will give thousands of youth the opportunity to grow, harvest and sample, while fostering values such as nurturing, sharing and environmental stewardship.

We are actively looking for grants and donors who will assist us in reaching our 2021 community outreach goal of providing 5,000 microgreens kits to families, schools and organizations. Please contact us if you have resources or information that can help!

Bring our Program to You

Do you have an organization or a group larger than 10 that can use this education? We can provide both in person or virtual training according to your needs.  Contact us today to find out more!


Chiyaka Robinson, Program Director

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